Indoor Environment Quality Data Logger



I would like to invite you to have a world leading Indoor Environment Quality (IEQ)  meter installed in your dwelling for a period of one year. The meters have been developed by an exciting new start up company based in NZ. So by agreeing to this you will not only be supporting my research but also this exciting new company.

This is a vital component of this research project and the research cannot continue successfully without the participation of visionary dwelling owners and occupants.

The IEQ meter is small and looks very similar to a smoke alarm (please see image to the right). The device is completely self contained and requires no access to either power or data.

The meter will be configured to measure:

1) Carbon dioxide

2) Relative humidity

3) Temperature.

If you would be agreeable to having one of these devices posted to you (with simple installation instructions) please provide your best contact email address below and click submit so I can liaise with you directly. Otherwise go to our Thank you page.